Shiki Japanese Restaurant in Cody, Wyoming

OH THANK GOODNESS!  I couldn’t live out in cowboy crap beef country without one decent sushi restaurant.  The crispy calamari was awesome.  The sushi was fresh and delicious.  It was a little pricey, but really nice not to have to eat one more big bloody greasy burger.  I didn’t feel the usual post-restaurant bloating and nausea.  Nick took me there for my birthday, a day early, and we realized that it was the first time we had been out to eat alone together.  2 1/2 months of marriage and we have a date.  That’s the way my life goes.

So yes, come to Cody for your fill of the West.  And then go eat some real food before you get back on that plane.  No one wants to sit next to a bloated, gassy person with 10 pounds of beef lodged in their bowels.


3 thoughts on “Shiki Japanese Restaurant in Cody, Wyoming

  1. heh heh or someone who had a big bowl of pasta with … hmmmmmm… what was that sauce again?!?! So glad you had a good time! And happy birthday, again!

  2. This is really random but we have a medical center just down the road from us that’s called the Wyoming Centre.

    I feel kind of lucky now. No matter where you live in my state, you’re bound to get so many different types of food, you can never get stuck.

    Off the top of my head, in 10 minutes walk from my house you get:
    5 Chinese
    4 Thai
    2 Indian
    1 Japanese
    3 Pizza places
    2 Chicken places
    1 Seafood place
    2 different bars that sell good food
    Chocolate store (It’s a meal, honest!)
    1 place that I’m not sure of the origin but they have duck hanging from the window so I avoid it
    Cheesecake Shop

    And to top it off, the closest thing to our place is Liquor Land.

    This is truly the land of the gods 😉

  3. Wow, we’ve got no Thai, one bad chinese place, and drive-through liquor stores where you can get a mixed drink from the comfort of the driver’s seat. Now that’s a little TOO convenient.

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