What can I do about the LOUD PARENT?

It was my first swim meet and I was more excited than the children in it.  Seriously.  Since I can only drown with style I am amazed that they can move in the water so quickly without all the sputtering, coughing, and crying for help that I taught them how to do.

I should have know there were empty seats for a reason.  She was loud, BRASH, judging, and wouldn’t stop to breathe.  If I hadn’t been in Wyoming, I could have sworn she was from New Jersey.  She knew all the swimming rules, everything about the pool, all the rules from high school as well as the middle school meet we were at, every kid’s name from her school, every dive.  And she went on and on and on at a level that would have thrown her out of an extreme fighting match for being too loud.   She yelled at kids who were in the middle of a race and couldn’t hear her.  She yelled at the coaches.  It was surprising she didn’t turn blue from lack of oxygen.  She grabbed the program out of my hand saying she was helping to coach the relays.  But she never left her seat up in the bleachers.

The man she was with tried to say something and she yelled at him “I can’t do my judging if you’re talking to me!”

It was only later that I realized that at some point I didn’t remember hearing her anymore.  Did I successfully block her out or did she stop?  I was told that she finally lost her voice.  Karma perhaps.

So would it be right to tell her to shut her mouth?  Her team is coming over to my town for a meet on Friday, at my pool.  Would I be the first to tell her that she’s ruining my day?  Should I bring duct tape or throw her into the pool?


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