Sharing my Birthday with Miley Cyrus

I was going to wait until my birthday to write this post, but I’m hoping dreaming that I will be too busy that day to think about Miley Cyrus of all people.

We share a birthday.  And I would say that day isn’t big enough to share with someone else, but I think Miley and I have several similarities that make us practically twins.

Miley goes by two names:  Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus.

I go by two names:  Kristi and MOMMMMMMM!

Miley plays two characters:  teenage girl and Rock Star.

I play myself and housecleaner/maid/pickerupperofdirtywetwashcloths.

Miley has a deep, raspy singing voice that her audience loves.

I have a deep, raspy voice when I have a cold that keeps me from yelling at my children.

Miley dates underwear models.

I dated men who wore underwear.

Miley wears a blonde wig when she doesn’t want to be known as herself.

I dye my hair red so that I don’t look blonde.

Miley has a country singer dad.

My dad lives in the country and I hate country music.

Miley was “discovered” at the age of 11 when she started acting in a sitcom.

I discovered my first pimple at age 11.

Miley’s godmother is Dolly Parton.

I watched Dolly Parton in a movie once, but was too distracted wondering if her boobs were real or not.

Miley has an album titled “Breakout.”

Well, I don’t even have to explain that one, do I?

According to her wikipedia page, “Cyrus had already begun transitioning to a more grown-up image in late 2008.”

I don’t have a wikipedia page YET but if I did it would tell you that in 2008 I tore a hip muscle and started limping around like a grown-up old person.

Miley has a book published called “Miles to Go.”

I have more miles than an old honda.

Miley took a break from music to focus on her film career.

I took a break from cleaning out the kitty litter room to write this post.

Miley’s line of clothing has taken over J.C. Penney and WalMart.

I buy things at J.C. Penney and Walmart all the time.

Only not her stuff EVER.

But since we share so many things, Miley and I, I think it would be SUPERCOOL if we spent our birthday together.  What do you say Miley?  Come over for some wine and a movie to fall asleep to?  A little rowdy party in the living room in our pajamas alone with the cats?  Give up the Hollywood parties and come see what you’ll be doing in 22 years!


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