It is such a shame that it takes an hour and a half drive to find a powerball ticket here

Cause I would buy one, or two, or take my change jar and buy them out.

Hershey, the last remaining pet we brought across the country with us, died two days ago and is now buried out by the shed.

Goodbye Hershey.  I’m sorry we didn’t pay you as much attention as you deserved.   You are running on the non-squeeky wheel made of cheddar cheese now.

My youngest said the other day that nothing FUNNY happens anymore.  I think funny things do happen all the time here, but we are all so busy that we immediately forget them.  I remember laughing in the Albertson’s parking lot yesterday but I don’t remember why.  I also remember Nick laughing at me on numerous occassions, but I don’t remember why.  I wasn’t laughing with him.  So it was definitely AT me and not WITH me. 

Is this what marriage is like?  Him laughing at me and me not remembering why?  I’m not even 40 yet!


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