I need therapy.

Because of my day as a therapist. Seriously, when did I become a data entererer. Or a numbers sticker-inner. DATES, CODES, LOG SHEETS, NOTES about seeing someone, not seeing someone, calling, leaving messages, not leaving messages, logging log sheets. I worked 5 hours today and got paid for 2. 8 1/2 hours yesterday and got paid for 6. It’s not really work. At least not the kind I like to do. It’s being a bookkeeper. Then I look on my paperwork tracking. Yes, there’s an excel sheet tracking paperwork! And I am behind on half my treatment plans. I started seeing people a month ago! How can I be behind?
A normal person making a normal phone call:

Pick up phone.
Hang up phone.

Me making a phone call:
Open file to find #
Hang up.
Open log
Find right codes
Log productive time
Open File
Type dates, times
Progress note
Print note
Match log times to note times
Match frequency of service
Sign 14 pieces of paper including a kleenex someone left on the floor and my left shoe
Include letters after my name
Put all signed papers behind log with all other papers from the entire day
Paperclip (If I staple they don’t like it)
If there’s a mistake it comes back with yellow highlight. I make mistakes ALL THE TIME. I am not a detail kind of person. That’s why I got into this field. To deal with REAL PROBLEMS. Not the pile of trees I kill every day. I’m creating problems.

Wait! Did I forget a client in my office? I was too busy making all the computers and printers and filers and date stampers happy and I forgot to actually do any therapy!


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