Since you’re been gone. The precoffee unedited title. Which I just now realized is missspelled.

I took a chunk out of my thumb trying to wash a travel mug. It looks really cool when you look at it from the side, but it HURTS!!!!

I accidentally flashed my boss in the Walmart parking lot because he happened to drive by just as I was showing Haley that we were wearing the same white camisole. Oops.

Then Haley said she was going to go to the Playstation aisle and guess who was there! I hid like a ninja across the aisle in the women’s underwear, which didn’t help cause that was kinda the problem in the first place.

I turned on the heat because it was really cold, but all it did was blow nasty smells out of the vents and so I turned it back off and aired out the house. I refuse to crawl back into that storage room to find a furnace I’ve never seen before, with all those giant wolfish spiders.

I baked instead. So now you’ll get home to a fat happy warm wife, silky strings from fake spider webs everywhere from the cat getting tangled up and running around, an extra teenage girl with pink hair that someone brought home, a bottle of cleaner from a door-to-door salesman who cracked us up for 45 minutes on the door step and I felt I had to pay for the show, a clean bathtub because I had to try it out, homemade chicken soup in the crockpot because I couldn’t think of anything else for dinner, and a half pot of leftover coffee because I missed you some but not enough to finish it for you.


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