Drive Defensively in Cody Wyoming

I lived here before and never had a problem, so all I can think is that people see my little Focus with its Vermont plate and want to run me down.

I’m serious.  I have been almost hit more times in the last 3 months here than in my entire life.

People run through 4-way stops signs without stopping, as I’m just pulling into the street on my turn.  They don’t even slow down.

People pull into my lane in this 4 lane town, from the turning lane or a side street.  It’s as if I’m not even there.

Someone last night pulled out of an alley and into the street, pushing me over into parked cars, and they never even saw me.  I had my lights on and it wasn’t even dark yet.  And they didn’t stop, inches from the left side of my vehicle, until I pulled up to the red light.  On my bumper.  I wanted to get out and say something, but I also didn’t want to get shot.

People coming from the opposite direction and taking a left turn just go ahead and do it as soon as the light changes, even though I have the right of way.  Even though I’m driving right at them.  I have to slam on my brakes to stay alive.

I think it’s a sense of entitlement.  The BIG CODY EGO.  I’m just a tourist.  Only I’m NOT.  I lived here before.  I chose to come back.  I’m not from California.  I’m from Vermont, and that’s alot like here.  I’m a nice country girl who grew up on a farm and who obeys traffic rules.  I stop at stop signs, use my blinkers, and watch where I’m going.

An 11 plate does not give you a right to terrify me until I’m afraid to leave my driveway.  Where are the cops?  I’m used to less, but more active police who stop people for traffic crimes.  Hey, if you guys want to make some money for the town, just follow me around.  You’ll see all kinds of things you can fine!

Please just don’t run over me.  I’m not your prey.  I’d like to get home without any more heart attacks in my car when you’re about to plow me down and I’ve got a bunch of children in the back seat. 

I have never ever lived in a town and felt so unsafe on the road.


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