I Could Do Furiously Happy (Thanks Bloggess)

cause it’s like a great BIG GESTURE to the universe.  And I would say finding out I’ve been making $9 an hour, losing 1000 of my hours for licensure, getting them back with an OOPS, MY BAD kind of email, watching my partner get and lost jobs, owing the hospital $16,500 and then getting more separate bills for things I don’t even know about but apparently they shipped his gall bladder to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to see a radiologist, and then finding a pack of cigarettes where they should be in my universe . . . yeah I’m furiously happy too because I’m in my PAJAMAS, chatting with Abrah and I am married to Nick.  So HA!  I WIN!   

See this big smile!  It’s not fake at all!  The sun is shining, I have coffee in my hand and the only thing that could wipe this smile off my face is if the sun implodes and sucks the cup right out of my hand.  And here’s a couple of cute kitten pictures just to show how awesome a place my world is.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And yes, he always looks half crazed.  Huh, maybe he’s FURIOUSLY HAPPY TOO.


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