Bad Things Come in Nines Apparently

It’s been a rough couple of days.  First, I discovered that I’ve been making only $9 an hour at work, because since they don’t pay me for paperwork time and there’s mountains of that to do for each actual person I see, it kills my hourly rate.  $9 is not okay.  Then the state board sends out this killer-poke-me-in-the-eye with a sharp spoon email saying anyone who is provisionally licensed after January, 2010 doesn’t get to use their internship hours from a master’s program as part of the 3000 hours required to be fully licensed, which just sunk me into working for $9 an hour for the next 20 years.  1000 hours down the drain.  Restart.  Pour me a stiff drink.

Then certain little fools hide cell phones, lie about blueberry bagels, and might be skipping classes.  Cigarette butts are found in odd places.  I miss Ellen.  Waaaaaaa.  Pour me a stiff drink.

Then he is offered a job which makes my $9 an hour feel just a little better.  And he shakes hands on it and then a few hours later is told someone else was hired because they could start 24 hours earlier.  And another real job he applied for was already filled when he applied.  I’m too poor to drink.

But I have to look at the positives because life just keep throwing me challenges and it’s as if it’s steering me in a certain direction that I am as of now unaware of.  At least he cooks dinner while he’s home.  And I can look at this job as another internship that doesn’t pay, but helps with the hours I need.  And I don’t need the freakin calories.  Life is FUN.  Fun like a scary clown.


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