Mark Ruffalo becomes a cowboy midget. Do Women like Short Men?

I read somewhere the no one wants to read about blogs about dreams.  But when I woke up blogging in my head this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep for fear I would forget this dream, I knew you’d want to know about it to.  Dreams are a mixed up collection of all the things we think about during the day, put back in a puzzle piece by piece, in a way that our sleeping mind says makes more sense that it does when we’re awake.

So there was a midget Mark Ruffalo

He was trying to talk to me, but my back hurt from having to bend down so low.  I picked him up and placed him on a table so that we could be at eye level.  He jingled when I picked him up. 

“Why am I so short?” he asked me.  “Will women like me?  Will I ever grow?”

As short as he was, he was also cute.  And I felt sorry for him.  “It might be too late for you to grow anymore,” I said “but some women like short men.  And you are Mark Ruffalo.”

Then it ended and I woke up and knew immediately that this was very important.  A window into my psyche.  Information about Mark Ruffalo’s body image issues that even he doesn’t know he has.  Information about him moonlighting as a cowboy with enough BLING to look like an Elvis impersonator.

And the big question I struggle with daily:  Do women like short men?  Yes and no.  I don’t like someone’s nose in my boobs when they hug me.  Although the Mark Ruffalo cowboy midget was even shorter than that.  But if someone is really nice, height is not really the most important issue.  Then again, if someone is so short that I can pick them up and put them on a table, as handy as that is, I have trouble seeing them as an adult.

Unless of course, you’re Mark Ruffalo.  Then I might take you home and keep you as my pet.

So who says dreams aren’t important enough to blog about?


3 thoughts on “Mark Ruffalo becomes a cowboy midget. Do Women like Short Men?

  1. I don’t like dreams. They make me paranoid.
    This week I’ve dreamt that my teeth kept falling out and that I keep vomiting. Not that I believe in it, but I looked up both online and they pretty much say that the teeth are bad things sickness wise that are going to happen, and the vomiting is my body saying there’s something revolting in my life I need to get rid of.
    Why don’t I ever have good dreams? The best one I had was walking into a bathroom, seeing a silhouette of some guy in the shower (the glass was all steamed up) then the shower stops and I see as far as a leg before someone wakes me up.
    It’s just not fair

    • Nick informed me that there’s a midget dressed in a white cowboy outfit with rhinestones in Happy Gilmore. I saw that movie once when it first came out, but I don’t remember the midget. That’s more of a movie Nick would watch. So I’m thinking it was half my dream (sexy Mr. Ruffalo) and half Nick’s dream (Adam Sandler comedies). There’s an old episode of Northern Exposure where people dream other people’s dreams. I would blame your partner for at least half of your dream problem. 🙂

      • See, I had this dream about 5 years ago, but I still think he was to blame. Had a big crush on him then and he used to go to the gym after work all the time.
        Man I wish I could end that dream.
        No wait… he is currently in my house….

        And yes, there is a midget in a cowboy outfit in Happy Gilmore. 10 points for the memory on that one. I love stupid movie trivia

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