Free Nick’s Gallbladder!

We got the hospital bill in the mail yesterday.  I wasn’t surprised and sadly a little relieved that it wasn’t bigger.

For the services of a trip to the ER, bloodtests for the liver, and a 3 hour surgery where they put a camera down his throat to find the stones in a duct, and then the cut the end of the duct open to let them out:  $16,500.

Of course he has no insurance.  Of course they spent $300 testing him for hepititis after they told us it couldn’t be.  Of course they charged him for every minute of recovery time.  Thank goodness I didn’t let him stay over the two nights they wanted him to!

But $16,500!!!!!!!!

He’s laid off and I’m working part-time at a new job after being out of work since May.  We have three kids, a mortgage, and my $50,000 student loan. 


My guess is that the doctor from the next town over had just learned how to do this new surgery (Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography) instead of the usual one through the navel in which they just take out the gallbladder at the same time.  The doctor wanted to meet today to schedule a separate operation to do that!  He gave us some reason about not wanting to hurt the pancreas by doing both at the same time.

The only realistic thing to do while looking at a $16,500 bill is to make a joke of it.  I told Nick I was going to take it out myself and sell it on EBAY.  Or sell shares of it.  Or take it in as a trade on a new car. 

Instead I made it a Facebook page.  Anything worth $16,500 is worth a Facebook page.  You can find it and friend his gallbladder by searching for Nick’s Gallbladder.  Please sign the petition in the petition tab to free it from this huge BILL! 

I’m making a fan page too, but first I need a picture of his Gallbladder.  So I’m working on that. 

I only know that his Gallbladder is a huge supporter of insurance for EVERYONE and not just for the rich people, or people who haven’t lost their jobs.  VOTE OBAMA!


3 thoughts on “Free Nick’s Gallbladder!

  1. I work at a hopsital. We have a program where we discount ER visits for patients that don’t have inusrance. If it wasn’t automatically discounted, call customer service or the patient acconting office, to see if they will give you a discount. Also, we do have a charity program that provides an additional discount based on several different factors.

    • Thanks! We did apply for financial aid. I’ve heard that the hospital here is very good about not giving you a bill you’ll never be able to pay off. I just wonder why the system is so absurd as to cause sick people so much stress by sending them a huge bill, when letting everyone buy into an insurance program based on what they make would decrease both unhealthy the anxiety AND the time spent at home not wanting to go in and waiting until things are really bad.
      I just hope they cut it in half. I could live with half.

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