It’s time for our Semiannual, Biannual, Randomly Annual cause I don’t know how long it’s been LIST OF THINGS PEOPLE SEARCHED TO FIND MY BLOG

 midget autistic mushrooms snope

Very tiny fungus that doesn’t pick up social cues and stares intently at you.  SNOPE!  I don’t know what snope means.  Maybe it’s the sound that the mushrooms make as you walk by in order to get your attention.  (I’m smart enough to google stuff I don’t know and it seems to be an urban legend website, very similar to this one!)

midget + kidnapping

I just like the + sign on this one.  Way to go using searching rules and techniques!

strong midget         

Is a strong midget stronger than a weak tall man?  If I was a midget I would work out and be all buff.  And then I would  be jealous of me and like what’s up  with that midget who looks better than I do?

Kevin Bacon midget

That would be one damn fine midget!  What is this, 6 degrees of midget separation?

Benefits of being a midget

I’m sure there are some benefits, like movie roles or being closer to the ground when they get drunk and fall over.

rectal exam

I feel honored.

sand ceremony lame

If you’ve already decided that the sand ceremony is lame, why are you searching for it? 

quentin midget show channel 31

No idea, but it sounds like fun!

do women like midgets

Like in what way?  I mean, maybe there are some women who have a midget fetish.  Mostly we’re just looking for a nice guy and height is less important than how nice he is.

close up drawing of sleepy midgets

I’m wondering what you’re going to use this picture for.  Something cute or something very very bad.

midgets you can walk on a leash

That’s just wrong.  I hope a pack of wild midgets finds you, ties you up, and beats you with that leash.  I hope it’s a chain one.

look better naked

Wait!  I did write about that!  Obviously I haven’t yet followed my own advice because I am still sneaking around in the dark like a ninja.

midgets never get kidnapped

Why?  Do they have a secret magical anti-kidnapping amulet?  I’m pretty sure midgets get kidnapped just like the rest of us.

hippiemidgets in space

Maybe you meant Muppets In Space, because I love that movie.  Or you want to send all hippies into space to get rid of them.  I don’t know how many hippiemidgets there could possibly be, but there might not be enough to make the trip worthwhile.  However, I am seriously considering changing my blog title.

“peter pan” – rugrats – collar – collars- j

Our new friend J has a weird issue with cartoon characters and stuttering.  But at least he takes responsibility and signs his name.  But I have to ask:  How in the far reaches of deep dark space did J end up here?


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