Wyoming Economy

People keep asking me why I would move here.  There’s so many reason.  The easiest of which, to whisper in the middle of a work meeting, is that there are JOBS.  Good paying JOBS.  And yeah, it’s expensive to live here, but I am making awesome money at work, my new husband is busy enough at his job, and hopefully we’ll have enough money next Spring to hit Disney World AND go off for a week on our own in Hawaii.  That’s the plan anyway.  

Which sounds really materialistic on my part.  But I’ve been a ghetto queen for way too long and I LIKE this new life.  I feel like I need a codeword now.  But it wouldn’t be a codeword if I published what it meant.  OH CRAP, I just started hiding what’s really going on again.  Well, at least I caught myself quickly this time.

So the EX.  Do you hear that?  EX.  filed papers to modify the child support we just worked out in April because he says there’s been a change in MY circumstances.  I’m sure he’ll use my blog to defend his position.  So there you go, I’m rich!  I’m rolling in money!  I have so much I use it for kitty litter!


One thought on “Wyoming Economy

  1. Well, you better get off your ass and buy me a gd plane ticket to see you WOMAN. I mean really. If you’re THAT rich…

    Oh, wait a sec… on the second reading it sounded like you were being SARCASTIC. My bad.

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