So bored that I got buzzed off oranges

I waited around all day by his side watching him just in case.  He tried to hide the pain but I could tell by the lines on his face from the grimace he was holding in, even when he said I’m okay that he was really not okay.  Not having insurance is a terrible thing.   It causes people to wait and wait and wait.  Wait for Monday when things aren’t so expensive.  Wait for appointments instead of going to the emergency room.  Wait for free clinics to call back, and they don’t. 

We watched three episodes of lost and Star Wars I–and then I lost my mind and hit the 5 gallon cooler with the remainder of our wedding jungle juice.  Well, really just the orange slices in the bottle.  A few orange slices makes the world a better place. 

And that’s why I really don’t have a good post today.  I sat on the couch most of the day, which is COMPLETELY UNLIKE me.

When I said I needed a hobby I didn’t mean watching him all day.  And now the orange slice have caused a BAD reaction with me so I’m afraid to go to bed and I’m sitting in the living room in the dark, trying to be quiet. 

And I’m trying to decide if I should just drive him to the hospital.  I’d rather have a huge bill than no husband, especially since I just got him 10 days ago and the shiny newness hasn’t worn off yet. 

Snicker.  There’s nothing like a night of gall bladder pain and a bad reaction to everclear laced orange slices to force us to sleep in two different rooms.


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