Hobbies: I need some.

I was just sitting here thinking that I really have nothing to write about today, or more like nothing that wouldn’t be so embarrassing to my children that they would disown me and then I read Ravenangel’s blog and she’s got this great post about the cross-stitching she’s done over the years, along with pictures.

And they are really cool!  So then I was thinking:  What do I make?

Turkey tacos?

Clean dishes?

The bed?

Once upon a time I braided rugs, back when I was slightly insane.  Okay, headed toward really insane.  But now that I feel good I don’t have the patience to braid and tie and knot and roll.

I color rocks.  While that doesn’t sound interesting, I should put some pictures up.  It’s really more of a little kids arts & crafts thing.  Not so much a hobby.

I kill house plants, take stupid pictures of my cat or pictures of my stupid cat, manage the lives of 3 children, and attend a lot of appointments carrying the latest Young Adult book that I’m hooked on.  I roll up the ball of yarn that’s tangled around the living room furniture every morning, clean trash out of my car, and make lists.  I tighten button holes, trim nails, and make sure there’s a clear path through the house.

But nothing I do really CREATES anything.  Not anything that anyone wants to look at anyway.  Admire the clean kitty litter box!  Check out the spotless bathroom mirror!  See how the pile of shoes is transformed into a NEATER pile of shoes! 

There will come a time quite soon when everyone will leave me and I’ll be left with lots of time on my hands.  I’ll have to think of something to do.  Something to pull out and show them when they visit.  “Look how I spend my time now that you’re gone!”

Ah, I miss them already.


3 thoughts on “Hobbies: I need some.

  1. Yeah it’s very deceptive. It looks like I have this great hobby, but I mainly just do what you do, then if the lighting is right, everyone is quiet (usually at 3am when they’re asleep), I’m watching something good and there’s no housework to do, I bust out as much cross-stitching as I can before my hands hurt.
    It mainly keeps my idle hands busy.
    Hobbies are good though. I get jealous that my partner can play xbox for 12 hours straight without getting sick of it… and that he has the time to do it.

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