Unphotogenic Me, Wedding Pictures, Finding a Photographer in Wyoming or Montana

I have never looked good in pictures.  And I’m not saying that because my self esteem is so low that I think I’m fat or ugly or whatever.  Pictures just makes me look funny.  Like I’m always making faces at the camera.  My bottom lip is to the left, my eyes are squinty, I have a forced smile, my chin is too long, I look like I’m in pain.

There was an episode of Samantha Who that I loved in which her best friend Andrea refuses to have her picture taken because it’s always so awful.  She said something like “I only look good in motion.”  YES, EXACTLY.

I only look good in motion.  And a camera can’t capture that in one shot because I must always be moving, even in that second when it flashes, so that my mouth is wide open or I’m grimacing or I have indigestion.  What’s weird is that all three of my girls are incredibly photogenic.  And they look alot like me.  How does that happen???  I think maybe I’m twitching so fast all the time that no one can really tell until they take a picture and then they say “What is that?  You didn’t look like you just bit into a lemon.”

So then my good friend took pictures at my wedding last week.  And while some of them are snortingly funny and I ask myself what I was doing, there are some that actually make me look like what I imagine myself to look like.

And that makes her the best photographer EVER.  I don’t usually promote people, but if you’re in the Wyoming/Montana/Idaho area this is her website:  http://salolimoments.weebly.com/index.html


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