Abrah’s Adventures at Pahaska

I brought my best friend to my wedding, even though she said she couldn’t afford to come out.  Here are some pictures of our day together.  We had an awesome time!

The three girls, Tarri the Minister/Pirate, me and my soon-to-be husband, and my new mother-in-law.  And Abrah (and half of Bill too.  Hi Bill!)

During the ceremony I taped her to a post behind me which is on the left side in this picture.

See!  There you are, Abrah, right where you would have been standing if you had come out here.

We moved back to the tree at the edge of the lawn after the ceremony to take more pictures and if it hadn’t been for Emily you would have blown into the “duckpond” which is really a cesspool.  That would have been BAD.

Lucky for you we were able to walk around and take more pictures.  I placed you in the middle of the table during dinner in the restaurant.

And on the nightstand in my room.

Sadly, I forgot to take you to the bar, where the rest of us talked about the summer we spent “working” at Pahaska.  You should have been there.  I think I’d had too many drinks already.  I remember saying you were only 20 then so we didn’t go to the bar except when I was buying us something to drink.  I’m sure I said more than that.  I don’t know what.  When you come to visit and we go up there, just pretend nothing happened.

The next morning I took you to the gas station where we used to buy chocolate milk.

And to the window outside our old room.

I have no face in that picture.  I don’t know why.

Then I took you to the Big House so that you could enjoy the view.  I reminisced about sitting up there with our cartons of chocolate milk and peppermint schnapps and enjoying the view, in the dark, with the buffalo roaming around.  Not that we did that.  I don’t remember.  But we should have.

While I was up there I took this picture of you in front of the stupid hill we climbed that day we decided to be “hikers” and found out we were IDIOTS instead.  Remember that day?  Up and down huge ravines.  Crawling in the mud and dirt.  The grizzly footprint filling with water.

That was our one and only hike.  Which is why we’re still alive today I’m sure.

And lastly this picture

Which is my favorite.  Just where we used to sit and watch the tourists and the “fresh meat” walk by. 

I hope you enjoy these pictures because I had forgotten to pack my toothbrush or a hairbrush, so I look pretty much like I did when we worked there, only not so hungover.

You had breakfast with all of us, sitting up against the teepee on the table and then I left you sitting on the back of the toilet in the restrooms in the gift shop.  I took a picture of that too, but it seems to have gotten lost somewhere.  It’s a shame.  There was someone in the next stall when the phone/camera went off.  I worked hard for the picture, but I’m sure you can imagine it just as well.

(And thank-you to Nick for playing along with me on our wedding day.  I know you SAY you love me because I’m crazy, but I appreciate that you join right in too.)


One thought on “Abrah’s Adventures at Pahaska

  1. I am so glad I didn’t miss out on the whole thing! And thank you Nick for letting me tag-along…. it’s probably better I wasn’t there in person cause I probably would have been in the middle of the table at dinner, and on your nightstand, only for real. 🙂 Kristi, you are the best friend EVER.

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