Hell’s Half Acre

We went down to Casper to a family event, which was really quite fun.  His family seems nice and much more welcoming than mine.  Some highlights from the trip:

  • Nick dancing to Lady Gaga.
  • I thought I was going out the door to the outside and instead ended up in the men’s room at the VFW.  Ooops.
  • I heard Nick’s mom say “Do you like garage snails?  I had no idea how to respond.
  • Nick went through checkout alone at a Kmart with skinny jeans and yellow teenage girls underwear with black skulls.
  • We stopped at Hell’s Half Acre on the way back which is where Starship Troopers was filmed.  So I’m almost famous.  I should brush my hair in case someone notices.
  • I found that sleeping on top of Nick was much better than sleeping on a deflated air mattress.
  • I got home to find that Alex had been very busy.

But there really was no talking to him until he calmed down.


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