For anyone coming over from Violence Unsilenced


The category on the left “My Other Scarier Life” is about the past.  The rest of this blog follows my life with three teenage girls, moving across the country, and other things that are more current. 

I keep getting warned not to write about him, but that’s such a big part of who I am now.  I won’t be silenced.


7 thoughts on “For anyone coming over from Violence Unsilenced

  1. I was umming and ahhing about whether I would ever speak up about stuff, but I will tell you that though my situation was never as extreme (having kids just makes things 1000000x more serious) I’ve had to deal with the domestic violence/drugs/lying/mental games situation.
    If people ask me about it, I let loose and say it all. People need to see things for what they were, it hurts me too much to have people think I left a relationship due to me being picky. The shit that people think is okay to do is so beyond me. I hate beating people in poker, let alone screwing up their entire life.
    As for you being silenced, I can see it from a court perspective, but I can totally understand doing it. Every time I talk about the things that happen to me, it makes people understand who I am and why I am the way I am. No one can believe the stuff I’ve gone through and have come out the other side so strong.
    Damn it, I’m rambling.

  2. Lol, I like it when you ramble. I believe that if people talk about it, then it might not happen so much. It’s the silence that allows it to keep happening, because to everyone else things seem okay.
    Anyway, off to work! I’m glad we both got out!

  3. yes, here from violence unsilenced, as someone who spoke out last august. just wanted to leave you some support over here, at your home, your place, as well.

    congratulations… and scream it from the roof tops, should you desire.


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