Three weeks from today

I’ll be getting married.  I have a love/hate relationship with this whole thing already.  I hate weddings.  I love that Tarri got her officiant attire at a costume store.  I hate white.  I love that I’m going to alter my dress into something completely different.  I hate traditional patriarchal ritual.  I love that not only with Dr. Seuss be a part of my wedding, but it might even be read by a pirate.  I hate all that religious reference.  I love that a church will let me do a “Christian” ceremony on their property when the only thing Christian about it is the place.  I hate uncomfortable shoes.  I love that my dress is long enough so that I can wear big black boots under it.  I hate having my picture taken.  I love that my friend is coming to do the pictures.

Nothing else really matters.  My life turned out just like I wanted it to.

Except that Abrah won’t be there to yell out “Take her!”


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