Today’s List of weird things, Alex the kitten

If Quentin Tarantino was an 18 year old cowboy wannabe, then I saw him today I swear.

I also saw (or heard) a dog that sounded just like a pig.

And shag carpeting.  Yeah, that’s what it was. 

The pressure of an approaching downpour put me to sleep on the couch.

And I felt all morning as though Nick was driving me down a windy dirt road blindfolded.  Until he did drive me.  THEN I felt better.  It must have been the wine.

Nick learned that white plastic deck chairs do not fit in the trunks of small cars.  I wonder if he’s ever owned a small car???

And my youngest daughter told me I was dressed as though I didn’t care, and then made me change.  But I don’t care.

I should go to bed now.  I miss the days when the kids go to bed at a decent hour and I have time alone.  But this is for your entertainment (and that’s not a string, that’s a weird corner in the wall behind him):

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2 thoughts on “Today’s List of weird things, Alex the kitten

  1. I had eight once when I was a teenager. My plan always was to become a crazy cat lady. But I’m allergic. And as I’ve gotten older I’ve become less enthusiastic about cleaning up after them. So one has to be enough. He’s enough of an idiot to keep me entertained.

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