Things Men Want From Their Women

Okay, I need a Part 2 to this one as well.  I was serious before, of course.  But there are other things men want as well.  More serious things that I will try to write seriously.  Stop that!

Men want peace, not constant chatter.  They need positive feedback on the things they do well, a pat on the head, acknowledgement and understanding on the things they don’t do well or help or just taking it over entirely.  They need straight forward information on what they need to do to make women happy.  No hints or assumptions or talking in circles, expecting them to pick up on the clues.  They need please and thank you and rewards for good behavior.  They need smiles and hugs and no grudges for things they’ve done wrong that they can’t even remember anymore. And kindness.  But not smothering.  All that drama that has become part of the stereotypical American woman just isn’t necessary and gets in the way of a good relationship.  We don’t really have to act like that!  They want us to need them, or at least to feel like we do, even if we don’t.  Even if it’s something as simple as loading kayaks on a car, or putting in flooring, or driving us around town. 

Now I’m done with that moment of seriousness.  I’d better go make sure there’s beer in the refrigerator and dinner thawed out!  Kindness.


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