Wedding Invitations: ecofriendly

First, let me say again that my marriage is much more important that the wedding.  The emphasis for me is on simple, inexpensive, environmentally friendly, stress-free.  I think that making a wedding all about putting on a good show, the important things are left out.  Like how much I love him and how we are working hard on finding the best way to juggle our life together.

Expensive, silly, eventually-end-up-in-someone’s-trashcan wedding invitations are not a part of our life.  I have been thinking about email invitations.  No pollution.  No landfill.  But are they too cheap and tacky???

Besides, sometimes I only know how to reach people through email.  It’s just that kind of world.

I found this site:

They have class, inexpensive, and beautiful invitations for many occassions.  Perfect.


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