Six Ways to Look Better Naked

MSN has this link on their home page today.  I won’t even give it to you here because I clicked on it and was so DISAPPOINTED that it talked about 6 exercises you can do.  CRAP.

So here’s my SIX WAYS for the rest of us, who just don’t care enough to work out.

1.  Turn the lights off before you even remove your socks.

2.  Steal his glasses and get up before your partner in the morning and leave them somewhere obvious so that he never finds out you took them.

3.  Attempting to suck it in is futile for women, so instead only face him frontwards.  The side view is something to avoid ever letting him see, as the overhang will scare him.

4.  Shake the boobs around to keep his attention from wandering anywhere else.

5.  Practice jumping into bed ahead of time, so that it looks graceful when you tear your clothes off and suddenly reappear under the sheets.

6.  Never fall for MSN’s advice on looking better naked.  It’s not worth the time and energy when you would be better off spending it on commenting on my blog.


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