Things I wonder about this morning.

Why does this box of Corn Chex say it’s gluten free when there is no gluten in corn, so unless it’s really made of wheat I think it’s probably gluten free just because it’s corn chex?

Why did my kitten come with a book that said I needed 2 litter boxes for every cat and that I should brush his teeth every day, but it didn’t tell me what to do about his constant ninja foot attacks?

Why is it that everytime I cook Gina the perfect egg something happens so that the warm gooey yolk ends up somewhere other than her mouth?

Where did the giant puddle in front of the bathroom sink this morning come from?

Where have all my old friends gone? (This needs a post all its own I think.)

And why did the Oceanic Six have to lie, as the person who set up the fake plane crash in the bottom of the ocean would know that they are alive and that they know he did it, lying or not?

Why is this cat so whiny?

When will the bog in the back yard dry up so that I can rescue my wheelbarrow from the middle of it?

Why is Abrah not receiving my chat?

Abrah did not receive your chat.

The only answer I have is that all the people who search for kidnapped midgets need to know that midgets are feisty little people who can defend themselves just as easily as the rest of us and probably would not be easy to kidnap and trap under the stairs.  I think they all carry pepper spray as well (and if you are a midget and you’re reading this go buy some pepper spray NOW) in case GIANT people become stupid beyond belief and think they can get away with kidnappings just because of some urban legend.

I am writing this because not a day goes by that someone doesn’t end up here because they searched for midget kidnappings. 


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