For Abrah: Since you stalk my blog every hour. (I didn’t feel like a Midget) and the cutest picture EVER!

I sent my best friend an email hours ago and because she has not replied I’m going to post a revised version of it here because she does read my blog almost every hour.

I couldn’t gchat you because I was trapped in a car with one sleeping teenager, one who was too scared to look out the window, and one who woke up on the whiny side of the bed.

I took the girls for a 5 hour ride up Chief Joseph to Crandall and then over the Beartooth Highway to Red Lodge, Montana and back down the highway from Belfry.  I assumed I’d done this loop before and Nick was like “oh yeah, do that.  It’ll be a nice drive” but then I realized half way up the Beartooths that there was NO WAY I HAD EVER BEEN A PASSENGER in someone’s car on this HELLISH road and that I had NEVER DRIVEN IT MYSELF.  Switchbacks for like 20 + miles and I had to keep stopping because the girls said they were going to puke and were making gagging noises  and high high up, 11,000 feet and no guard rails in some places due to road construction.  I nearly DIED.  Thank goodness there wasn’t much traffic and I could hog the middle of the narrow road.   I wanted to turn around, but it wouldn’t have saved me because going back would have been just as bad!  And I had to finish but it kept getting worse and I would see a huge mountain ahead of us and laugh and point and say “I bet we’re going up there” like that would be the worst joke in the world and then I would see the shiny reflection from a car way up the freaking there and I wanted to crap myself.  And we’d get to the top of that scary ass mountain and see another one ahead with little cars on it.  HOLY FREAKING SHIT.  And the youngest daughter would say “Oh pretty, LOOK!”  or “Stop, you have to see this!” when I was on some tight 20 mile per hour 270 degree turn.    And there were snowbanks at least 5 feet tall by the road.  Coming down the other side was even worse for some reason and I wouldn’t stop at all.  There were nets to hold the rock slides back and I was dodging rocks in the road and it’s hard to swear alot when you feel like vomiting all the time and have to pay attention to sharp corners and rocks as well.   And I almost threw myself over the edge when I saw the 20 mile per hour twisty road sign for 16 more miles.  You should have been there!

 Switchbacks from the top of Chief Joseph


 Bridge at the beginning of the Beartooth Highway


 11,000 Feet


Me at the Top of the World


 We’re going up where?


 Snow at the top 


 Coming Down the Other Side and I’m not stopping!




One thought on “For Abrah: Since you stalk my blog every hour. (I didn’t feel like a Midget) and the cutest picture EVER!

  1. I LOVE stalking your blog! I just need to remember to try and login from Milton. Or Mass. or somewhere other than freakin’ Morrisville. And HOLY FREAKIN CRAP no guard rails would definitely freak me out. Be glad I wasn’t there, because I would have been shrieking a lot and freaking you out even more. Maybe it’s a a Good Thing we never made it onto the Amazing Race. This probably would have been the starting point. Oops. I guess I should just email instead of writing a super long comment….

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