How to Blog about An Ex

I’m sure I’ve written about this before, but it seems to come up quite often in my life.  You see, if you’re in my life at all, or even if I happen to pass you walking on the street, or if you’re the person in the next stall at the bathroom in Walmart, you are fair game to me.

I don’t usually give names unless the person already knows.  Like Abrah.  She doesn’t care.  She enjoys the FAME that comes from being a character on my blog.

But where is that line between being able to say whatever I want and keeping other people’s privacy?  Say someone gets really angry when I talk about an ex, because they are that ex and they demand that I don’t talk about them at all, even though they have no right to read my blog in the first place although it is in a public space, and I really don’t care either way.  At what point do I let myself become censored?

Now I’ve been told to call a certain someone by some word other than ex because that seems to be particularly offensive, although it is the definition of my relationship with this person and seems pretty benign.  I haven’t ever used his name.  And I don’t think there is a way to talk about him without giving away the type of relationship.  So after a week of thought, mostly in my sleep after a couple of glasses of wine, I have concluded that by demanding I don’t call him THAT WORD, he is really telling me not to say anything. 

Ah, and that is a part of the entire problem.  Well, I refuse to be quiet about the things that have been significant in my life.  It just AIN’T happenin.  I am no longer under someone’s control and tyranny.  Nah.  But just to do what I said I would when I didn’t quite grasp the scope of this demand, I will from now on use a code word.  I won’t tell you what it is.  Not YET.  Let’s see if you can find it.  🙂


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