People Who Wear Blankets

I’m going to be one of those people who always wear a blanket and call it some kind of poncho.  Ever since the parade yesterday I have been deathly cold.  And by deathly I mean like a dead body walking around, like a zombie, like Edward the vampire, only without the sparkles.  It’s summer and I’m wearing jeans, a sweatshirt and of course a big blanket.

I have a job interview Tuesday and I’m planning on wearing it then too.  Otherwise my handshake will be icy and they’ll think I’m dying of some disease that slowly turns my insides to ice.  Then they won’t hire me because they want someone who will work for them for a while and not scare people off with a cold handshake and an orange and green kokopelli blanket.

And I will just explain that when it gets really hot outside I’ll save them money on air conditioning.  They can just set me in front of a big fan and I’ll keep the whole building cold. 

Great.  Now they want me to go for a bike ride.  I am going to wear my blanket and hope it doesn’t get tangled in the spokes of my wheel.


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