My Boyfriend’s ringtone sounds like an Air Freshener Commercial

Yes, it is a  musical 5 seconds of fairyness, that would best play along with a shower of flowers floating out of an air freshener can on a gentle breeze of refreshing scent, immediately after a long bathroom break.  Every time his pocket merrily tinkles I look around for small flying things in tutus, tossing rainbow colored butterflies into the air.

He says it was the one on his phone when he got it, and that he just hasn’t bothered to change it.

Uh huh.

I prefer the simple doorbell sound.  Two tones, not intrusive or shocking and I don’t feel like pirouetting around the living room asking people to sniff the flowers sprouting out of my ass everytime the phone rings.

It’s a good thing he’s so manly or I would have to pick on him about this.


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