When the Groomer Loses Your Dog

I haven’t posted the after pictures of Jasper because she washed him, shaved him down and put him in an outdoor kennel on a thin leash.  He bit through the leash immediately and then squeezed through a hole in the kennel and left.   That was 28 hours ago.

We’ve looked for hours, but I guess he’s so hurt and confused that he’s hiding somewhere.  She knew the hole was there and she knew he would be much smaller once the rug was clipped off him.  “IF” we don’t find him, she says, she’ll groom our “next” dog free for a year.  Next?  I want THIS dog back.

It would be easier to find him if he wasn’t groomed because he’s bigger and hairy and no one else would want him.

So if you see a dog that looks like this, only it has been washed and groomed and looks completely different, call me.


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