Living with a BOY

It’s been 12 days living here.  12 days after 7 years of being alone.  7 years of being alone after 10 years of wishing I was alone and not being able to get rid of someone.

The only complaint I have, which isn’t even about living with a boy is that being back here in Wyoming I now realize just how isolated I was when I was married and that most of the people I knew were his friends, not mine.  So now when I’m out and I run into someone who looks familiar, they know me because of someone I divorced and never wanted to think about again and we have to have that whole conversation about him.

And I have to be polite about it because I can’t say,  “Yeah, you knew my ex-husband, that used carsalesman who abused me and then left me with no money in a house about to be foreclosed on and called me a crack whore.”

This is not a good way to make friends.

I also discovered that I have aged REALLY WELL because the people here my age or younger are all wrinkly.  I have one wrinkle and only because I think way too much.

A complete lack of sun for 7 years was good for something!

Alex, the kitten, is just the coolest thing ever.  Not to diss Ollie, my awesomest cat ever, but he ended up living with my father because I was renting and had no place to keep him.  I miss him all the time and when I look at this sweet little kitten I remember how cool Ollie was when he was young.

The girls fight over Alex constantly.  That first day I let them have 1/2 hour turns, but now I spend most of the day trying to convince them that Alex has his own mind and freedom to choose where he’s going.  He can attack the curtains if he wants to.  He can crash into walls or climb up pajama bottom legs or try to capture his own back legs that has a mind of its own and is repeatedly kicking him in the head as he tries to lick his bottom.

Today is Jasper’s Birthday and he’s getting a FULL BODY shave this morning.  Pictures later!

PS: I did not approve the comment left on this post until now (8/22) because of its foulness.  I felt embarrassed by it.  But I think it’s important to put it out there so that other’s can see it too.  Abuse should never be hidden.  I did *** the worst words.


2 thoughts on “Living with a BOY

  1. Do you say all of these lies on your blog so you can live with yourself. The reason you only had friends through me is because you were such a miserable B****. You have mede this point over and over in your blog. Its funny that you keep refering to nick as a boy. Why don’t you tell people about all of the money that you were sent for bills and never paid them. I have the checking accoutn recordes and you spent almost $9,000 in 7 months and not one check was sent to any utility or mortgage payment. I have the printout if anybody is interested in the truth about this sociopath. This woman is a f****ing liar and anybody that would like to read the 1700 emails that I have saved over the last 7 years just ask. My email is You are welcome to ask anything you eant to about the claims made against me in this blog. The more specific the easier for me to address. This blog is read by my children and she uses it to bend there memories of me. Kristi has never beem very familuar with the truth or being faithful. She was pregnant by another man before we were married for one year. He was a coworker named Jay from Ohio when we were working in yellowstone. When he dumped her she came crying back to me. I have lots more info about this lying evil b**** if anybody is interested. She will probubly delete this before many of you have an oppertunity to read it. You can be assured that from now on I will not keep my mouth shut while this ex hooker yes ex hooker s***mouths me anymore. Kristi you are a sick f***ed up individual. Hey did you ever tell Nickey boy about cleaning his dogs a**hole with his toothbrush? Keep checking folks I have lots more, and just ask and I will send you all the emails betwean this c*** and I that you care to read
    The C***S ex

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