In Wyoming

We arrived Tuesday afternoon at 1:00.  This place is a disaster.  I have to move his stuff out to move my stuff in.  Craziness. 

There’s a lot to write about from the road trip.  2550 miles in 3 and a half days with 2 drivers, 3 kids, a mouse, a 24 foot Budget Truck and my car. 

The best part of the trip was in Rapid City, South Dakota when we decided to stay in the city instead of traveling further, after a rather disappointing side trip to see Mount Rushmore.

We had parked the truck at Walmart and when we got back to it we decided to get a room at the hotel across the street.  Not the nicest hotel.  The kids declared that the beds smelled like sweaty men. 

And then the youngest took a shower.  I could hear her yell from the bathroom:

I didn’t know a shower could be so stressful, Mom.


This shower is VIOLENT.

And it was.  There was no way to turn down the pressure and no reason to shave as it blasted all the hair off my legs.

I was happy to leave the next morning.

And even happier to arrive here, in my new home.

More later.


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