Day 10: The Last One

So my friend who put me on this liver cleanse told me I have to reintroduce foods slowly.  Caffeine and alcohol come last.  And I really shouldn’t drink anyway.  That’s like telling someone they can never have chocolate again.  What good is life without a little wine and chocolate?  I think I would rather have a chaotic life full of bloating and gas, instead of being so boringly sober.

There are only 2 more days before I pick him up at the airport.  February was a long long time ago.  3 more days until I pick up the moving truck.  4 more days until not everything fits and I have to make some quick decisions about what I leave behind.  5 more days until I hit the road for the longest trip I’ve ever driven myself.  Which reminds me, I was supposed to look up the elevation of the interstate going up through WY and how much shorter it is than going through South Dakota.  Thirty miles saves up slowly climbing for 8 hours.

Well, things are pretty busy around here and I’m taking down the desktop today.  So I don’t know how often I’ll be blogging.  Hopefully just every time we stop for gas.  🙂


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