Day 5

Halfway done tonight.  I get tired very easily, but that also might be from the heat, late night phone conversations, and all of this packing.

I don’t really have anything to say.  I spent the morning putting clothes into giant trash bags and the afternoon boxing up more book.  Clothes and books–that’s what I own. 

Then we took a nice family walk with no whining or complaining or name calling and I told the girls how we should appreciate the GREEN while we still have it.  It becomes normal after a while and we don’t notice the jungle we live in any more, but give us a year in Wyoming and Vermont will seem overgrown and foreign. 

The youngest one ran off between two rows of bushes, through the undergrowth, pretending that she was in the jungle, and fell down, screamed and then a bird flapped it’s way up and out as Gina burst out of the other end.

It was awesome!


2 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. You’ll miss the jungle… just you wait and see. I’ll have to strap a webcam on Bill so you can follow him through the wilderness…

    • As long as he isn’t having trouble with his kayak that would be interesting. Maybe. No, now that I’ve given it a moment of thought I definitely DON’T want a webcam of Bill. 🙂

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