Day 4

Doing a liver cleanse while packing is not such a bad idea after all.  At least I don’t have to buy much food or cook.  I am not hungry. 

Nick has become a part of this family already.  Not because he’s working on his house to make us comfortable.  Not because we’re getting married in the fall.  Not because one of my children once peed all over him at a BBQ. 

Nick created the first inside family joke with his boxes half full comment of last week.  We keep throwing that comment at each other and laughing as we fill up boxes.  Inside jokes bond people together in a way that words and promises can’t. 

The weird thing though is that dumb comments by other people have always made me want to do the opposite.  My ex husband once asked if I had washed the potatoes.  He said it in a critical way.  It wasn’t a moment of stupidity.  He meant it.  Of course I washed the potatoes that day as I was making dinner.  And I NEVER DID AGAIN.

And then the guy I dated briefly last year asked if I washed mushrooms before I ate them.   He was all kinds of disturbed about what mushrooms are and the conditions in which they are raised.  But he didn’t eat them at all anyway.  He was concerned that he would be near me and I would have eaten a dirty mushroom and I would somehow contaminate him. 

I didn’t wash another mushroom until I ditched him.  Mushrooms are pretty dirty and even I am not passive-aggressive enough to eat that dirt for very long.

Those stupid comments didn’t become family jokes because they irritated me.  What I love about Nick is that he isn’t afraid to back up when he makes a mistake and laugh at himself.  Not very many men can do that.  I’ve finally found a good one.


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