My new keyboad

Six months ago I bought a new keyboad from Staples because mine was full of cumbs fom the kids eating over it.

I bought a nice keyboad, cuved, comfotable, with petty keys.

The only poblem is that the  key doesn’t wok.  It is stuck down and no matte how had you pess nothing happens.  This is especially annoying as I shut down the compute evey night so that a cetain someone doesn’t sneak down at 3 a.m. and email the boyfiend she’s not supposed to have.  And my cuent passwod has 2  ‘s in it.  So I can’t even stat it up anymoe.

Now that cetain someone has an English pape due in a couple of days, and I don’t want this keyboad without an  to be the eason she doesn’t do the pape.  I bought a cheap keyboad this moning from Walmat.  I’m going to install it now.  I just wanted you to sympathize with me ove how annoying it is to have one stupid key not wok.  Does anyone want a fee keyboad that woks fine, except fo one little lette?  Call me.  I’ll tade you for a bottle of wine.


One thought on “My new keyboad

  1. lol I’ve had that happen before. It’s currently my right shift key that does it, so I have to try steer clear.
    On the other hand, keyboards are easy to fix/clean. Just unscrew the back, lift the pretty stuff out gently and clean the keys with some window cleaner and they should be fine.

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