The Oreo Test

I had a moment of brilliance today.  I know, I’m brilliant EVERY day, but this moment was superspecial.  I decided to be the kind of mom who has milk and cookies out when the kids gets home. 

So I bought oreos, which is something I NEVER do.   Ask them.  They’ll tell you it’s like once in a BAZILLION years.  All because once when Haley was about 3 she ate an oreo, JUST ONE, and bounced around the room for several hours. 

Since that horrific day I’ve only bought them on rare occassions and for bizarre purposes, such as hiding under a seat on a road trip to Massachusetts.

So I laid them out all nicely and neatly on small plates, with glasses of milk.  Then came the most brilliant part.  I left a note:


and left the room.

The first child home asked me several times what the test was, ate half the cookies, and then waited an hour to finish them off, all the while asking me what the test was and laughing like a madman when I said I couldn’t tell her.

The second child home sat down immediately in front of them and asked wha was going on five times until she broke down and ate them all quickly and then ran off.

The third child and her best friend were last.  She kept coming into the living room to question me, then told her friend a brief summary of the movie The Box, and then asked me some more.  Her friend just sat at the table, not speaking, with a quiet little smile.    The third child wanted to know when the test would be done, if I’d tell her what it was about after she ate the cookies, and if eating them was part of it.

Then they both ate the cookies.

So far no one knows what this test is about.  I just keep saying it’s not done yet.  Maybe the test was about how long it would take them to look on my blog for answers.  Maybe it’s more like the Button on Lost.  It’s not really about the test at all.  It’s entirely for my own amusement.  I figure that I have willing subjects in my house, why not use them?


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