My child KNOWS my SECRET.

Or so she told me in front of her friend. 

“I know your secret,” she fake whispered.

I paused for a minute to ponder this and then said “But I’ve got lots of secrets.  Which one?”

“The BIG one,” she fake whispered again, loud enough for her friend to hear.

“Don’t worry,” I fake whispered back, “You’re friend doesn’t know that you were born a boy.”

Her friend giggled.

“I wouldn’t tell her that.”

I started up the stairs to go hang out in my room.  “I won’t tell her that we cut it off when you were born,” I whispered loudly again.

Her friend giggled again.

“I hate you, Mom,” she said as I walked away.  But she was laughing too.

That’s what you get for playing a game with me, little girl.


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