ACK! My tongue is WHITE. And why Jon and Kate are in my bathroom

This is so nasty I just had to share it with everyone so that you can be sympathetic to my horror.

I took my last antibiotic this morning.  19 days of antibiotics in the last month will do this to a person!  I know, you’re all saying That can’t be good.  Well, it’s not.  So here’s what I’m doing about it:

Kefir once a day, probiotics, probiotic yogurt, and Candidate from the native remedies store.  Oh, and a low carb, no sugar at all diet until the beasties die off from starvation.

What the hell is that?  you say.  That, my friends is an overabundance of yeast, which grew because antibiotics kill off bad bacteria and good bacteria, leaving a whole new world for the yeast to explore and take over.  On my tongue.  Yay. 

Speaking of taking over, I should mention that Jon and Kate cheer for me everytime I use my downstairs toilet.  You see, I found this picture of my favorite vampires (except for Edward) in a magazine:

And I hung it on the bathroom mirror.  Well, on the light above the mirror.  I didn’t realize until the first time I used the toilet that this is what I would see:

because of the reflection in the mirror.  They are saying “Yay, Kristi!!!  Yay kids!!! You can do it!  Woooohoooooo!”

I didn’t take it down because I thought maybe it was fitting that Jon and Kate were in my bathroom cheering me on.  That’s where they belong.  Not on television or on msn’s news.  In my downstairs bathroom with the geyser toilet.


3 thoughts on “ACK! My tongue is WHITE. And why Jon and Kate are in my bathroom

  1. ugh thanks for the site that Carl will soon experience…he is nearing having to take a month long of STRONG antibiotics and they said followed up with 4 months of probiotics!!! hope you at least are feeling better

  2. This should definitely confuse the people looking for kidnapped midgets. And disgust them. And teach them never to google such things.

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