Bladder Pain, no UTI, and my relationship with my Vagina

My posts are half whining about relationships, half stupid things my kids to do entertain me and half ewwwwwwwwwwy things that happen to my body.  And yes, on this blog it’s my world and so there are three halves!

In honor of Mother’s Day, I will give you one part of each.  (hmmmmmm, deciding which relationship to whine about.)  Oh, let’s pick my relationship with my vagina.  This has been a lifelong relationship that I’ve pretty much ignored.  It’s down there somewhere.  It’s useful for certain things.  Sometimes I take care of it, a little landscaping, a little vacation time, some entertainment.

I’m usually more concerned about my constant battle with IBS, which is a different body system, but the older I get the more I realize how much everything is connected.  Take my recent “UTI” for example.  Bladder pain, pressure, need to pee 56 times a day.  I got treated for a UTI.  It came back.  Then I spent 2 1/2 hours in the ER yesterday having people guess what was wrong with me since my urine was awesomely clean.  Bladder pain can be nasty evil bacteria infecting the vagina and pushing on the bladder.  It’s all connected.  I’ve got bacterial vaginosis.  And on top of that one of the people I work with was on duty in the ER and looked at my hoochie-wanger so it’s probably a good idea that I just move because I will think of that everytime I pass her in the hall at work.

You might be wondering why I’m writing this.  Let me get back to the ewwwwwwwwwy half of this post in a minute and hit on the stupid things my kids to do entertain me first.  I took my oldest daughter (15 now!) over to visit my best friend with me for the night.  I hadn’t planned on it, but she hid under the desk in her room until I decided to just throw her in my car instead of leaving her with someone else.  After a couple of hours chatting with my best friend about my evil bacteria problem, I realized that it was late and I should call my fiance in Wyoming to say good night.  I asked my daughter to dial his number on my cell phone and just leave it on speaker phone.  Little did I know that my daughter would describe my problem by saying “she has bacteria in her va-gi-na.”  on the phone with him.

But then I suppose he’ll have to get used to constant information overload as soon as we all move in with him.  He’ll be an expert on vaginas pretty soon.  Poor boy.

So that brings me to the ewwwwwwwwwy part of this post.  Bacterial vaginosis is a very common problem which is not really as STD, but can come on because of sex.  We all carry many different kinds of bacteria all the times, but certain circumstances can affect the pH, making it alkali and a place where harmful bacteria can grow, multiply, and form their own colony.  It’s the opposite of a yeast infection.  Either way the body is out of balance. 

So the fourth half of my post is somewhat educational, only warped by my point of view.  If you have bladder pressure and all the symptoms of a UTI except for the burning urination AND you test clean, ask your doctor to test for evil bacteria.  I read online that it’s more common than yeast infections and that at any one time 1/3 of all women have it, but most don’t have symptoms.  Why don’t we know these things?

Back to that relationship whining.  I’m getting a little tired of all the demanding behavior going on with my vagina.  It’s more work than is worth it.  It needs a good training program to keep it in line, or a shock collar, or something.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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