Why Lost doesn’t Want to Be Watched

LOST is our new family addiction.  Everyone watches it at different time because we can view it through Netflix Play Now.  The kids watch it whenever they have the chance and are on season 2 after 2 weeks.  And I am so FAR behind.

Because whenever I think I have time to watch an episode, I don’t.  I put one on first thing after they all leave on the bus and then things happen.  Everytime I go back to it, the phone rings, or someone is sick and needs a ride home, or I have to run some errand, or work calls.

Today it became obvious that my Lost viewing is as cursed as the cursed numbers on the show.  I had two clients cancel so I drove home thinking I’d watch an episode or two while it’s nice and quiet.  Then it HAILED and the electricity went off for a while.  It’s early May for gof’s sake!  I swear if I start to see 4 8 15 16 23 48 I’m going to lose my mind. 

Maybe I should just give up trying to become a television addict and do something productive.



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