Why I Love My Job

When everything they say is confidential people sometimes relax and let all the crazy out.  Sometimes without it being confidential, like in the Walmart checkout line.  Or maybe it’s just the way I come off that makes people forget to pretend for a second that they’re “normal.”

And this is just entertaining as shit for me.  Not that shit is entertaining.  Although it is always good to examine to make sure you’re eating the right things and not too many food dyed cereals.

It’s the craziness that makes us all humans and not robots, that endears these people to me, that makes me want to not leave them.  I am forever curious about what they’re lives are like in their own heads, which pet or stuffed animal they talk to at night, their perception of women or porn, how much they fuck things up by not speaking directly to anyone they’re mad at or need something from, or how they feel different from anyone else when really we all feel that way.

I love the stories about things that couldn’t possibly happen, or stories about ESP or aliens or conspiracies.  At least these people aren’t boring!

I’m not even sure I want to cure them.  I think I just want to take away the shame and guilt that comes from feeling different and help them accept that craziness is merely their way of being in a world that doesn’t make sense.


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