The Orange Stain I left in the Toilet at Work

The dream I had a few nights ago about being in labor for hours wasn’t just a dream.  I have real pain.  In my bladder.  I haven’t even been doing anything that would cause this! 

Of course I had to work the last two days and I can’t just take time off to go to the doctor.  I wouldn’t get paid.  People would miss me. 

So I drink gallons of cranberry juice and today I went to the drug store before work and bought AZO, the over-the-counter UTI medication.  That turns my pee bright orange.  This would be fine at home, but at work there is only one bathroom with a SUPER WHITE clean toilet that my SUPER POWERED NEON ORANGE pee stained and it wouldn’t come off no matter how many times I flushed.

I used the bathroom 14 times today at work.

And I’m still in pain.  Oh, yay!  There’s a school play tonight that I have to sit through, while thinking of the pressure in my bladder because that’s all I think about day and night.  BLADDER.  BLADDER.  BLADDER.

Yes, I’ll go see a doctor if it’s not better in the morning, but I just hate antibiotics.  That’s a whole nasty mess all on its own.


2 thoughts on “The Orange Stain I left in the Toilet at Work

  1. I have to admit that I’d be massively fascinated if my pee turned orange, and I’d be tempted to brag about it.
    One way to get over the blame problem though is to walk out and say ‘who on earth was in there last?’ or ‘who poured the fanta down the toilet?’
    I’m an expert of giving people the blame 😀

    Hope everything is better now though 😀

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