If it can happen to Sandra Bullock it can happen to anyone.

Remember that time I sent her a package? 

Now I realize that most likely wasn’t the REAL Sandra Bullock.  Not to say that the woman I sent that package to isn’t real.  I’m sure she’s very real in her own nice little world.  But she’s not the Sandra Bullock we all know and love.  The squeeky clean Sandra who stars in movies and then comes to Vermont to serve muffins at her sister’s bakery.

I forget what exactly I mailed to her.  It was a psychology textbook of some kind.  Maybe it was Abnormal Behaviors of Celebrity Men with Tattoos.  Maybe it was Sex Therapy:  Quickies with Other Women.  I do know that whatever it was didn’t help or she would have seen the signs. 

Like don’t marry a bank robber, train robber, and murderer who is old enough to be your great great grandpa.

Whoa, the relationship expert on the morning news just totally blamed Sandra because of her Oscar Speech and how she said he was the first one she could trust to watch her back.  So she has trust issues.  And that caused this to happen.  I’m SURE her trust issues caused him to chase after a tattoo model.  Oh, and the expert also says that her higher celebrity status caused this.  (Not to be sexist, she said.)  Yes, that is sexist.  Very very sexist.  Oh, and also that not all relationships have to end because of infidelity.  They had a very good relationship, the expert says.  How the HELL does she know that?  Yes, a great relationship that included 2 months of screwing a heavily tattooed woman.   So if Sandra got therapy for her trust issues and took a job as a cleaning woman at a Motel 8 she could get him back and he would never stray again.

What was I saying before that “relationship expert” made an idiot of herself and all women?

Oh yes, Sandra, since you are a friend of mine because I mailed that book to someone with your name, I want to tell you that you deserve a NICE man.  A man not named for an outlaw.  A man who doesn’t have his own television show and hoards of skanky groupies.  And no matter what the experts say on bad morning television this has nothing to do with your trust issues and everything to do with picking the wrong guy.


One thought on “If it can happen to Sandra Bullock it can happen to anyone.

  1. I am so glad you wrote this. The relationship expert wasn’t saying that Sandra’s trust issues caused Jesse to cheat. Her trust issues caused her to PICK a man who then cheated on her. She isn’t at fault for his behavior, but she and women like her need to take responsibility and learn from their mistakes in why they pick men who have emotional disaster imprinted on their forehead. Plus the expert said that Jesse seems to have insecurity problems which lead him to have a problem with her success. NOT that her success caused him to have insecurity problems. I personally think a strong man would revel in his partner’s success. He clearly has issues with impulse control and she clearly has issues with picking a good guy who will take care of her heart. NO ONE and amazingly enough, even the message board at TMZ where most messages are just terrible to the point where I rarely go there b/c I like to still believe that there are good people left in this world 99% of the messages there sympathize w/ Sandra and do not think she deserves this. I certainly don’t think she deserves this, but did she expose herself to it? I think she did and that is something for her to learn from and grow. I hope that the people in her life will finally step up and help her see the mistake she made in picking a guy who’s family proudly look up to a murdering thief and name their first son after him generation after generation, who has a history of cheating his other wife, was married to a drug addicted porn star as a second wife, and clearly seem to be attracted to women who are the opposite of her clean cut appearance. I don’t think she should be embarrased by her mistake or his behavior (he should be), but learn and be a cautionary tale and lesson for others.

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