My kneecap hates me today, how I am like Mickey Mouse

I just remembered after running up the stairs to my bedroom what it was that I REALLY wanted to blog about today.  My kneecap.

Yesterday I stood on my doorstep to toss my car keys to Emily, who was waiting out front by the car, and POP my left knee cap moved out of place.  I hopped around in a circle shrieking as quietly as I could.  I hopped inside.  Gina was standing there laughing at me.

“I hurt my knee when I threw Emily my keys,” I said.

I don’t know why she laughed.

I reached back and grabbed my left foot and pulled it up behind me until my knee popped again, back in place.  Oh, thank Gof for that.  But now it’s all loose and wiggly and hurt a bit when I was on my three mile death march around town today.  I won’t let it slow me down but

It does remind me of that Mickey Mouse keychain I bought at Disney when I was there 5 years ago.  I found his little Mickey hand on the computer desk yesterday and remembered him fondly.

He was metal and he was attached to the keychain loop by his head.  His body was one piece but each limb was attached with a screw on the inside so that you could move them around.  As was his head.  The problem was that as he spent time dangling from my keys his arms and legs kept getting looser and there was no way to tighten them as the screws were on the inside.  First one leg fell off when I wasn’t looking, then the other, then one hand, the other hand, his body, and finally his head.

My body is getting loose that way too.  First a hip falls off, then one of my boobs rebels.  Now my knees are wobbly.  Pretty soon I’ll be down to just my head dangling in the air.  Everything is coming apart at the seams.  But I will continue to run about until I can’t. 

And Nick will still love me.  Hopefully he’ll find a part to keep, like I found Mickey’s hand.


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