Attention Deficit and the Baby Powder Explosion of 2010

Last night around 10:00 I was happily sitting at the downstairs computer directly below my oldest daughter’s room, when I heard alot of movement above me. 

I went up the stairs and opened her door

and turned on the light

and apparently there was a baby powder EXPLOSION.

I just looked at her

turned off the light

and left.

This morning she was hacking away and I said

“Baby Powder”

and she said “No!”

She said that it had been in her bed when she crawled in and she had accidentally laid on it.

But it looked more like she had been playing at making clouds.

I can just imagine what was running through her head at the time

 “Oh, look. Baby powder. I wonder what will happen if I squeeze it really hard.”

“Oh, that was cool!  Let’s do it again!  Weeeeeeee!

“Wait, Mom is coming up the stairs.  I’d better climb into bed and pretend to be asleep.”

“She’ll never notice if I close my eyes and pretend nothing happened.  Phew, she’s gone. I got away with it!  I can still look innocent if I try hard enough.”




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