Child Support and Social Security: I’m getting both until someone fixes it and that someone is NOT me because I already tried.

I changed my mind.  I LIKE posting while I’m sick and on sinus medicine because I don’t really know what I’m writing and it’ll entertain me when I’m well again and I can look back and say WHAT? 

It’s a beautiful day when the kids get a check from Social Security and they also garnish child support from his Social Security check and all because he wouldn’t work with the basic terms of an agreement that I suggested and instead threatened to take me to court with money he never got, cause it was given to me.  Together this amounts to what I should have been getting every month from him anyway, based on what he was making when we were married and not after he decided to move from state to state to state and work under the table and for tips.  So many people told me to just give it up, and stop catching him at it, stop wasting my time and energy giving the Office of Child Support information they couldn’t find themselves.  Nah.  It all comes back around.

All I want are the kids as deductions on my taxes.  When they’re in college and I’m paying the bill and he has nothing to do with anything, he shouldn’t be able to use them as deductions.  I think there should be a line on my divorce order saying that if you don’t get to pick up their used kleenexes you don’t get to use them on your taxes.  If you don’t find red stuff all over your arm after doing the dishes that came from someone’s bronzer which is now mysteriously all over the house then you don’t get to use them on your taxes.  If they aren’t sneaking money out of your bag everytime you use the bathroom for more than 30 seconds, then you don’t get to use them on your taxes.

I think the IRS should let me rewrite that huge 1040 book they sent me this year, that I used like 3 pages out of, after reading through so many worksheets and ending up with no answer.  I could simplify things.  It would be like 20 yes/no questions and then it would generate an amount at the end to refund or tax.  Do you have more money than you need to survive?  How many pairs of shoes do you own?  Do you pick up your children’s used kleenexes?  BING!  You owe $7,300. 

Okay, I’m going to drink coffee now for the first time in DAYS because I can’t wait to see me on sinus medicine AND caffeine.


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