Dear Mr. President

Don’t let them win.

I’ve been living poor for way too long and I am just as important as all those old rich white men who vote against your ideas. 

No one needs all that money.  They didn’t earn it anymore than I earned my spot here in the ghettos.  Cap all personal salaries at $100,000.  Who needs more than that?

Take all those mansions away.  Make them into homeless shelters.

Give health care to everyone.  It’s a human right, not an option based on what class you were born into.

Give free education to those who earn it, not those born into wealthy families.  Give it to single mothers so that we can help ourselves when left to raise a family alone.

Pay all the unemployed people to build affordable and green housing for everyone.  Why should a working couple, both with good jobs, be unable to afford to buy a house? 

Why do the movie stars and athletes make more in one year than I will see in a thousand lifetimes?  Do they work harder than I do?  If I’m so lazy, why am I so tired?

This whole system is based on capitalism and we are watching it decay from the inside out.  We need a whole new system based on human rights and high ideals.  Don’t give in to the few people who would lose something by giving a hand to everyone else.  Love is worth so much more than money.  They just can’t see it yet.


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