A New Bill from the Property Management People for $743.22

If you remember, they taped an Eviction Notice to my door a week before Christmas, because they had raised my rent back in October without telling me, continued to cash my rent checks without telling me there was a problem, and then just decided to evict me.

Well, although I’m sure it’s illegal to raise someone’s rent without telling them, I was told not to fight HUD by the Vermont Renters Rights people.  So I called up the management people and we worked it out so that I would pay them as much as I could and catch up on it when I could.

I paid it off in a month.  It was $626.00.

So then this arrived in the mail:

Your account currently has an amount past due of $743.22.  As your lease requires, this amount is due on the first day of the month.  In order to avoid further action please remit.

I’ve decided that instead of trying to deal with them in a straight forward way I’m going to instead send them a bill for my services:

  • $20 for every time I sweep the excessive salt off my doorstep and the sidewalk all the way to my car.  $180 total this winter alone.
  • $445 for the repair on my backdoor that was never finished.
  • $234 for that time I picked up the trash someone had dropped outside the dumpster.
  • $45 for every time the autistic boy next door starts screaming and hitting the walls at midnight.  That would be every day since they moved in last summer.  Around $8000.
  • $862 for the time that gangster wanna be was yelling WHORE outside my window at his girlfriend, and he didn’t even live here.
  • $55 for the time I told the maintenance guy that someone had broken into the apartment building cable box.
  • $368 for all the loud parties, children in the parking lot, and occassional smell of skunk.

If it’s perfectly okay to send out random vague bills to people maybe I’ll just send them one for some random amount greater than $743.22.  I don’t see why that would be just as legal as theirs.  Right?


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