Selling My Rings to Cash4Gold

I don’t know why I still had them.

Yes, I do.

I’m lazy.  Too lazy to hit a pawn shop or sell them on ebay.  With two rings and three girls I really can’t just pass them down without upsetting someone.  Besides, the negative energy and memories surrounding them are not something I want to keep in my house.

Besides, while I still was sooooooooooo angry it seemed like a good symbol of What Was to keep around as a Reminder.  Well, it seems like all the old is finally out this year.  And I am looking forward to the future.  It was time to sell my rings.  I really didn’t care where or how much, as long as they were gone.  Throwing them out the window would be too symbolic.  I wanted the LEAST amount of  significance attached to this event.

So I mailed them to Cash4Gold, completely forgot that I did that, and then today got a check from them for:


which seems about right.  A good box of wine.?  Or three and a half bottles of wine at Walmart?  A tank of gas for my car?  A new calendar?  A month’s worth of feminine products for me and the girls?  A large cheese pizza?  Hmmmm, how should I spend this?


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